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Simplified Onboarding and Enhanced Features: A New CFPS App Update

Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to bring you a CFPS app update geared to provide an even better user experience. Convenience and ease-of-use are the bedrocks of our services, and it’s to that end that we are excited to announce significant changes that we believe will improve your engagement with our app.

Navigating through App Made Easier

We’ve simplified the onboarding process and moved the identity verification procedure over to the main structure of the app. Now, every user can register, access the dashboard, navigate to the payments section, and customise their profile smoothly, without any hurdles.

We’re continuously looking for ways to make the process of setting up and using our services faster and more intuitive. This is a major step towards that.

As we prioritise the safety and security of all our users, the identity verification process remains crucial. Therefore, when you decide to open an IBAN account, request a card, or make a transfer, you’ll be guided to complete the identity verification process. This extra step ensures you are indeed who you claim to be, adding an additional layer of security to your account and giving you peace of mind.

Little Tweaks to the Payment Module

Our latest release is not just about the onboarding process alone, we’ve also made tiny, yet significant tweaks to the payment module. This update will provide a seamless experience when making payments. Everything from transferring money to funding your account has been made easier.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Everyone hates bugs, right? Well, so do we! That’s why part of this update involves fixing some annoying bugs to ensure our app runs smoothly. We’ve also performed a bit of digital housekeeping to enhance overall performance, so your experience is as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

In conclusion, this update is designed to make the CFPS app more streamlined and user-focused. We always strive to offer a superior user experience, and will continue to make improvements so you can effortlessly manage your payments with our app.

To get these fantastic updates, head over to your app store and hit update! We appreciate your continued use of CFPS, and we promise to keep enhancing your experience, one update at a time.

Posted on March 11, 2024