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CFPS is an intelligent cross-platform mobile application. It is based on the latest technologies making it easier for people to manage their finances
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we provide an inclusive portmanteau of financial technology which is underpinned by intersection of traditional financial and crypto services.

Value proposition

banking made easy
We help to solve safety concerns by integrating biometric security measurements in the app
User-friendly and convenient app, helping to earn money using traditional banking and crypto features
Spend, save and manage your money, all in one place. All currencies in one account, everyday, anytime, anywhere

Not just an app – your safety space

No need to worry anymore because you are in a safe place. All your actions are under our protection
You could lock and unlock your card, disable withdrawals and turn on geobased security

Simply cashback

just money

Earn % cashback with your daily spending
Get cashback in the currency of your account immediately with your purchase
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Accumulate or spend cashback – no hidden terms.

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Accumulate cashback with Rewards+.