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Free euro IBAN account. SEPA & SWIFT transfers.
Free virtual and physical Mastercard®.

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Our features

EUR IBAN account

Opened online in a few minutes. No monthly fees.
Only 2 documents required.

EUR IBAN account

SEPA & SWIFT Transfers

Low flat fees. No limits.
Free transfers between CFPS users.

SEPA & SWIFT Transfers

End-to-end security

Two-factor authentication. Fingerprint lock and Face ID.
3D Secure® and real-time transaction notifications.

End-to-end security

Virtual debit card

  • Instant activation
  • Can’t be lost or stolen
  • Secure online shopping
  • Freeze and unfreeze on the go

Powered by Mastercard

Physical debit card

  • Free delivery
  • Low cash withdrawal fees
  • No monthly fees
  • Contactless payments

Powered by Mastercard


Responsive customer support

Talk to humans, not bots. Get a quick answer. Resolve any problem without visiting a branch.

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