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Why was my KYC rejected?

We’ve done our best to create a frictionless KYC verification process. However, your documents can still get rejected for the following reasons:

  • Poor-quality photos or bad lighting. Please try again and make sure that all corners of the documents are within the camera frame, and all the information is clearly and fully visible in the photos.
  • Your ID document has expired, is not dated, or is not valid. Please make sure that you submit an EEA government-issued ID such as a passport or ID card, which is valid for at least one month after the present date. If your passport is issued outside the EEA, scan your passport and then provide your residence permit to confirm your EEA residence.
  • Your proof of address has expired, is not dated, or is not valid. Please provide one of the following documents as your proof of address:
    • Bank statement (3 months or less old);
    • Utility bill for electricity, gas, water supply, Internet, cable TV, house phone line (3 months or less old);
    • Tax return or tax invoice;
    • Government-issued certificate of residence.

As long as you follow the above instructions precisely, your KYC verification should be successful. However, if you are sure that your documents are in perfect order but still get rejected, please contact the support team. Please note that CFPS has the right to refuse or revoke registration without providing reasons for that.

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