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Why have you blocked my account?

We understand that it can be frustrating, but if we’ve blocked your account, we had a very good reason for that, and we cannot always share the information with you.

As we at CFPS provide financial services, we have to follow strict rules and regulations. If we think that your account doesn’t meet the requirements, we may need to block or close it. You can learn more about this in our Terms and Conditions.

If we’ve blocked your account, you won’t be able to log into your CFPS app, make and receive payments, or use your CFPS cards. If this happens, we’ll notify you immediately via email and let you know what to do next.

To help us resolve this issue as quickly as possible, please be supportive:

  • Look out for any emails from us explaining your next steps;
  • Answer any questions we ask in details and as soon as you can;
  • Send any requested supporting documents to us promptly.

We’ll do our best to unblock your account and restore your access to your funds and cards.

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