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Why has a card transaction been declined?

Some of the reasons for declined transactions include:

  • Insufficient funds. You can check your account or card balance on the Home screen of your CFPS app;
  • Incorrect PIN. If you forgot your PIN, open your CFPS app, tap Euro card, select the Card PIN option, and generate a new PIN for your card, which will be send to your phone number via SMS;
  • Incorrect card details such as your card number, cardholder name, expiry date, or CVC. Check the required information on the Show card details screen in your CFPS app;
  • Blocked or expired card. Once you’ve blocked your physical or virtual card, you cannot use it again;
  • Contactless payment as your first card transaction. You need to dip your card into a POS terminal or ATM and enter your PIN for your first transaction.

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