How can I transfer money to my CFPS account from another bank?

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To do that, you will need the correct account details. For some currencies, you have two types of details, Domestic and International. To make your transfers in a more efficient way you need to consider how they will be processed and when to use each of them.

Domestic (local) should be used when you want to receive money from a bank where the national currency is the same as the one selected in the steps before. International (cross-border), should be used in all other cases.

For example, If you want to receive GBP from a bank located in the United Kingdom, you should use your Local Account Number and Sort Code for faster transfers.

With these details, you can now go to your bank’s website or app, and initiate a transfer, if you’re having issues making the transfer from your bank’s side, please contact customer support from your bank for help.