What can be used as proof of address?

Proof of address refers to any document that verifies your current legal place of living. For this you can use one of these documents:

  • credit card bill, bank statement, or bank reference letter;
  • the majority of utility bills that are linked to your legal property such as gas, telephone, electricity, internet, water, and others;
  • current lease agreement for your permanent residence;
  • letter of employment or company payslip
  • mortgage statement or property purchase document;
  • letter issued by a corresponding public authority;
  • car insurance or car registration document;
  • a legal letter from an educational establishment;
  • residence permit;
  • passport or identity card with address included;
  • driver's license with address included

If your proof of address is valid and you followed all the instructions, but your registration still got declined, you can contact our support team at CFPS has the right not to disclose the reason for the refusal to open an account.