Why was my registration denied?

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We’ve made the verification simple and easy for you to create an error-free verification process. However, your documents could still get declined due to these reasons:

  • Poor or unclear document quality. To prevent this, kindly upload a clear and high-quality photo of your documents. Scan all necessary parts, and ensure they are visible.
  • Your document has expired or does not include an issue date. Please, register only if you have a legally authorized full set of required documents to avoid getting declined.
  • Your proof of address has expired or does not include an issued date. Kindly provide a valid address during verification to avoid delays.

Following these instructions should lead to a successful registration. However, if you provide all the required documentation and follow all the steps correctly but still got declined, kindly contact the support team. Kindly note that CFPS has the right not to disclose the reason for a declined registration.