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How can I top up my card?

To add money to your virtual or physical debit card, you can use one of the following options:

  • Top it up from your CFPS account or another CFPS card. To do that, open your CFPS app, go to the Payments screen, and select the Between own accounts option. After that, choose where you want to send your money from, select the card you want to top up, enter the desired amount, and confirm the payment.
  • Make a SEPA or SWIFT transfer from your other bank account. To do that, open your CFPS app, select the desired card and tap the Add funds button. Then copy your card account details and use them to make a payment.
  • Use an ATM to top up your card with cash. Please note that you need an NFC-enabled ATM to top up your virtual card.

All incoming transactions are free for both your account and debit cards. All transfers between CFPS users are also free of charge.

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