First Screen

First Screen

All-in-one money app

Free euro IBAN account. SEPA & SWIFT transfers. Free virtual and physical debit Mastercard®.

Free IBAN account for euro payments

Set up your free account online and use it to pay and get paid easily.

  • Open in minutes in the CFPS app.
  • Provide only 2 documents to verify it’s you.
  • Send and receive money via SEPA instantly.
  • No monthly fees charged.

Free virtual card

Get an additional payment card to keep your main card details safe.

  • Shop online with extra safety.
  • Pay seamlessly via Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • Block your card on the go and get a new one.
  • Use it as a separate wallet for your wants.

Free physical debit Mastercard®

Get your physical card to withdraw local currencies with ATMs and pay at over 54 million merchant locations globally.

Free delivery
No monthly fees
Top it up for free
Real-time alerts

Peace of mind when you’re transfer money

Get your free account at €0/month

  • Takes less than 10 minutes
  • Only 2 documents required

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