UX Researcher

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You will

  • Customer Journey Map (CJM);

  • Customer Development;

  • Document requirements (business analytics);

  • Conduct product research, generate and test hypotheses, conduct A/B testing;

  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research and perform market research and competitive analysis with report preparation;

  • Identify important research issues and opportunities, work closely with product managers, designers and analysts to conduct research;

  • Participate in the design and improvement of new products, generate hypotheses to improve customer experience;

  • Conduct product testing before launch, assess product readiness;

  • Work with project teams to upgrade the product at all stages (prototyping, design, resting, acceptance, outcome analysis);

  • Process research findings, develop recommendations for improving the interface design, search for successful solutions among interfaces of the competitors;

  • Prepare reports and protect research findings.
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What you need

  • Experience with mobile development;

  • Knowledge of Web 3.0 (Blockchain, NFT);

  • Experience in Fintech;

  • Backlog understanding;

  • Customer Development skills;

  • Knowledge of the principles of developing the project concept and its life cycle;

  • Expertise in customer experience development: usability testing, field research, in-depth interviews, focus groups, surveys, online research, A/B testing;

  • Knowledge of main frameworks for conducting UX research (JTBD, CJM, usability tests, first click tests);

  • Knowledge of main features and tools for conducting quantitative research (Survey Monkey, Oprosso, Google Forms);

  • Experience with applied statistics.
  • Nice to have

    • Basic analytical skills
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What’s in it for you

  • Fully remote job;

  • International experience;

  • Career growth opportunities;

  • We work according to the Estonian calendar;

  • Based in the UAE;

  • A friendly team and pleasant working environment.
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