Our company

We are a mobile app with a human face. We help users fulfill their ambitions and make financial decisions.
girl with phone

Our values

banking made easy
We are CFPS, and we help users spend and manage their money, fulfill their ambitions, and make financial decisions.
We help to solve safety concerns by integrating biometric security measurements in the app
User-friendly and convenient app, helping to earn money using traditional banking and crypto features
Spend, save and manage your money – all in one place. All currencies are available in one account every day, anytime, anywhere
We listen to all the ideas of our employees and allow our team to focus on building our company and thus make it more human

Our mission

We want to be the first-choice application with human relationship with our users. We will strengthen this relationship by providing the right solutions that combine our technology, experience, and complex measures to be as convenient and responsive as possible.